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Maternity Photography at Assiniboine Forest

January 30th, 2015

It seemed not too long ago that I was walking down the quiet paths in the Assiniboine Forest with Indira and Warren, watching the leaves fall from the trees and taking photos of the two of them moments after they had just gotten married. It was a gorgeous setting to celebrate their newest chapter in their love story, and little did we know that just 2 years later we'd be in the same spot taking photos of the next chapter in their love story: their baby bump! I can't express just how much I love being invited into these amazing moments in a couple's journey. I know it sounds terribly cliché, but really - there's nothing better than being in the presence of two people who are journeying through some of the happiest moments of their life. The results are below, a snapshot of the quiet moments of anticipation before their baby girl was born.

Engagement Photos at the Lake

January 30th, 2015

I absolutely love it when a couple chooses a location that holds a lot of meaning to them. Jamie and Skyler had the perfect idea in mind for their engagement session - they wanted to take the photos at Clearwater Bay where her family has a beautiful cottage and where a lot of their quality time is spent. I left Winnipeg to make the day trip out to the lake and I was completely blown away by the beauty of the area! Jamie and Skyler took me all around: down some roads, to a few different shorelines and of course around the deck and dock at the cabin. The views were gorgeous, the couple super photogenic and the skies even delivered some dramatic clouds at one point. It was perfect! (ok, maybe we could've done without the crazy mosquitoes!) But all in all, it was a day to remember and a fantastic prelude to their wedding that took place in November. For now, here's their engagement photo gallery and once I catch up on blogging, their wedding photos will be posted too!

Josiah - Newborn Photography

January 9th, 2015

Josiah was just a wee little newborn when I took his photos in August. He was super sleepy and calm for the entire photo session and it was effortless to capture all these adorable moments between him and his parents. He even opened his eyes for a few moments near the end of the session and we got a few last shots of his adorable little face before I left. Of course, Rachel and Daniel are absolutely in love with him - it was evident in every moment and every look they shared together. It was such a joy to meet Josiah and to celebrate with them by capturing these fleeting first moments of life. Newborns change so fast and being able to capture these precious first days together as a new family is priceless. Congratulations Rachel and Daniel - he's absolutely perfect! I love his cute little face!

Klassen Family: Photos at Birds Hill Park

January 9th, 2015

The Klassen family graces my blog once again and it makes my heart so full looking back at these photos now finding ourselves in the dead of a cold, long Winnipeg winter. Back in the summer Jodi coordinated outfits, a location and a time of day perfect to capture her beautiful little family and, of course, I was thrilled to be their photographer once again. She and I have become good friends over the years and it's been such a blessing being able to do photos for her and having her do photos for my little family too. She's an absolute sweetheart and you can bet that her husband and kids reflect that same love and warmth that she exudes. They are so easy and playful to photograph, perfectly laid back and adventurous all at the same time. We had a great time running around in the golden evening summer sun at Birds Hill Park. It was a delightful setting and a pure joy to capture their togetherness!

Baby M - Lifestyle Family Photos

January 9th, 2015

It's always a delight getting that e-mail from a past wedding client telling me the good news that they just had a baby and want photos taken again. It's so amazing to not only be there to photograph a wedding at such a beautiful and meaningful celebratory milestone, but now to witness the next best milestone: the arrival of a baby! These guys had two major events happen in the span of two consecutive summers and I was so excited to see them again so soon to take lifestyle photos of them. Although 5-week-old baby M was older than most newborns I photograph, he did give me a few quiet moments of sleep and we were able to snap a good mix of awake happy family photos and cute snuggly naptime photos. Congratulations you three, you're absolutely darling together!

Top 14 Photos of 2014

January 1st, 2015

Thank you to all my wonderful clients of 2014, you made this yet another awesome year of storytelling through photographs! Here are my top 14 photos of 2014 - though this list could easily have a hundred different variations. So hard to pick! I'm incredibly blessed to have been invited to photograph all these stories of love and togetherness. This job makes my heart so full!! Happy new year, and here's to many more memories yet to be captured in 2015!

Cousins' Cake Smash!

November 16th, 2014

These two are the best of friends and happen to have their birthdays close together! And did I mention they're cousins?? This, of course, definitely called for a double cake smash birthday photo session! It started with photos in Smith's beautiful backyard summerhouse and finished with his and hers birthday cake smash. So cute! They certainly know how to ham it up for the camera and it was absolutely delightful getting all these photos. These are smiles that light up a room and it was just as fun seeing their parents totally into the photo shoot too (behind the scenes!). Happy birthday Smith and Aneleigh!

Francine & Aron - Engagement Session

November 16th, 2014

Francine and Aron's love story started many years ago and part of their strong bond has been put together through countless days spent at the lake. They have a comfortable, steadfast and enduring love, and thanks to their closeness, that love was easily captured at their engagement photo session this past summer. What a gorgeous backdrop to such a great story of love. These two crack me up and are so fun to be around but they also remind me of how strong love endures through the many seasons of life. This newest chapter for them includes many new exciting adventures: marriage and a new baby due to arrive this winter! Together with their dog, we wandered along the edge of the lake and hiked up through the woods. The scenery was breathtaking, and best of all, we came across a deer and her babies! What a beautiful part of Canada's wilderness - absolutly perfect for celebrating a beautiful connection of love. Congratulations you two!

Oak & Lily: a lovely floral shop in Winnipeg

October 31st, 2014

If there's one thing that I love to be treated with, it's a bouquet of intentionally well-designed fresh flowers. My go-to place for just that is Oak & Lily on Corydon Avenue where Tatiana has created a dream floral shop. I've been a fan of Tatiana's work for a while now, and since having her join me on a few of my previous creative projects, I've been nothing but growing in admiration for the talent she has. Her floral creations are unique, dynamic and beautiful. Her shop is inviting, quaint and filled with lovely items. And best of all, she's the sweetest person ever! It was truly a pleasure taking these photos for her - highlighting her shop, photographing her floral creations and taking a few portraits of her as well. If you're ever looking for something to brighten your day, pop by her shop - I know you'll love it there! 

Sabrina - Maternity Photography at St. Vital Park

October 31st, 2014

Sabrina & Scott have been enjoying life as a fun family of 3 for the past couple of years and now they were getting ready to welcome baby #2! Even though they had already gone through this wonderful adventure once before, it's still just as exciting the second time around, if not more. This time, big brother Oliver was there at the maternity session, super excited about the baby bump (...but maybe a little bit more excited about the ducks at the pond and showing off his big muscles!) It's amazing seeing a familly growing and the anticipation of the arrival of a new little person is immeasurable. This truly is a beautiful moment in a young family's journey and I can't tell you how much I love photographing these milestones. Congratulations Sabrina, you and Scott are amazing parents!


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