Hi, I'm Gabrielle!

I’m a portrait photographer in Winnipeg and my passion is to document life using my favourite art form: photography. I believe photos should be truthful, beautiful (and sometimes quirky!) but most of all, I believe photos should engage us in the emotion of the story it captured.

How I started

I’m an artist at heart and I love documenting life. My creative journey started at a young age through drawing, painting and journaling. I got my first film camera at age 13, a plastic point and shoot. I was instantly enamoured by how fast and easy it was to create images, which consisted of half art, half photojournalism and definitely mostly bad! After highschool I contemplated going to film school while working day jobs that ranged from call centers and restaurants to web design studios and film production. After a few restless years, I quit my day job to attend PrairieView and obtained a diploma in professional photography.

2020 marked my 13th year of photographing families and weddings and 10 years of being a full time photographer. Today, my work mostly consists of portrait and commercial photography, with wedding photography being limited to a few select bookings that I choose.

Family Life

Together with my husband and our two kids, we too enjoy the moments that add up to create our own story and I draw inspiration from them every day.

When I’m not working, I can be found outdoors chasing light, going out for Winnipeg’s best cappuccinos & french pastries (ask me about my favourites!), painting abstracts with gouache or watching Chef’s Table on Netflix.

Our household includes room for lots of arts + crafts, cooking of food and the filling of our dining room with friends and family. I love hearing people’s stories and I love even more to capture the faces of these stories.

New Projects

My newest ventures include branching into videography to create family films and commercial branding videos. I’m also pursuing commercial and branding photography avenues as well as social media content creation. I have fallen in love with the creative aspect of storytelling from a different perspective and working with local businesses in Winnipeg to turn their messaging into visuals.

Behind The Lens

A video showing a bit of who I am and what inspires my photography work. Created in 2016 by Jeff Gordon.