I’m a family and wedding photographer in Winnipeg and my passion is to document life & relationships using my favourite art form: photography. I believe photos should be truthful, beautiful, (& sometimes quirky) – but most of all, I believe photos should engage us in the emotion of the story that it captured.

I love documenting life and have been doing so through journalling and drawing since the age of 6. I jumped into photography when I got my first camera at age 13. Just over a decade later, I quit my day job to attend PrairieView and obtained a diploma in professional photography.

2017 will be my 10th year of photographing people getting married and families doing life together. Starting my own family in 2010 is what propelled my photography business to become my full time career – it is not only a huge passion of mine, but it’s also a way of life for me and my family.

Together with my husband and my 2 daughters, we too enjoy the moments that add up to create our own story, and I draw inspiration from them every day. Thank you to Jodi Klassen for capturing our family so truthfully and lovingly (see photo above).

I hope to capture your story too!