Hi, I'm Gabrielle!

I’m a full time photographer in Winnipeg and my passion is to document life using my favourite art form: photography. I started journaling and sketching when I was 6 years old, always observing life around me and wanting to preserve every moment.

I loved finding the story and meaning in everything, even in the mundane, unassuming moments of life. I thought I might become an artist or documentary filmmaker, but instead I discovered photography and fell in love with it.

How I started

Throughout my high school years I took art classes and participated in film festivals but photography remained a side interest. I mostly just played around with my plastic point and shoot camera, taking photos of every day life and the occasional abstract “artsy” photo.

When I graduated high school I considered a fine arts degree and film school, but I never pursued either. Oddly enough, photography as a profession never even crossed my mind as an option, so it remained a hobby. Instead, I spent a few years gaining different job experiences in creative fields, always hoping something would capture my passion. 

Nothing ever did, until I made the leap to digital photography and portraiture in 2006. I spent my weekends playing with this new form of photography and immediately fell in love. Before I knew it, I had quit my day job and enrolled in a full time photography program at PrairieView (now Willis College).

A year later I graduated with a diploma in professional photography and started my business in 2008. Weddings, teaching photography at PrairieView and weekend photo shoots were a natural start as I built my business. In 2010, I went full time.

Today, my time and energy is focused on portrait and commercial photography while still taking a select few weddings per year. I also enjoy volunteering with CreativeMornings Winnipeg, making it a priority to surround myself with like-minded people who are passionate about art, storytelling and inspiring each other.

When I’m not shooting, I enjoy teaching photography. There’s no greater joy than sharing my passion with others who are curious about photography!

Family Life

When I’m not working, I spend time with my husband and two kids cooking, going in nature, traveling to interesting places, making art or discovering good coffee shops. I’m my happiest around a table of food in the company of friends and family, or at the beach, or visiting art galleries. I’m immensely grateful for the creative home my husband and I share, and especially inspired by our daughters’ artistic passion.


If you want to have your memories and story captured, or if you need some visual content for your business to be created, I would love to connect with you. I love learning more about my clients, what they are passionate about and how I can help make photos a richer part of their lives. Let’s chat!

Behind The Lens

A video showing a bit of who I am and what inspires my photography work. Created in 2016 by Jeff Gordon.