Probably one of the most recognizable landmarks in St. Boniface, besides the St. Boniface Cathedral, is the old hôtel de ville, or city hall. These days it holds an art gallery run by la Maison des artistes, of which I’m a member of. It’s a great meeting point for francophone artists in Manitoba to get inspired, display their work and add their share of arts and culture to the famous boulevard Provencher. I’ve been meaning to take a picture of my photo for many months now, and only got around to doing it this week. Last summer, I submitted my picture of the St. Léon wind turbines to be displayed in the new 4 ft x 6 ft illuminated box that adorns the front garden grounds of the hôtel de ville. It looks even better at night when it’s glowing yellow and orange. Next time you’re in St. Boniface, you should go visit the sculpture garden – there’s artwork amidst the beautifully landscaped grounds and a short but quaint walking path. Of course, summer time is ideal for this, but this month there are also snow sculptures around to see as well. The picture will soon be replaced by a new one, and I can’t say how exciting it is to see St. Boniface putting the spotlight on photographic art in public space.

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