f/action was at it again: shooting! But this time, we were shooting each other. As photographers it’s hard being in front of the lens (ok, at least for me, I’m not sure if I can speak for Dallas, Duncan and Ailsa. They are pretty photogenic!) We did a few set ups in my studio: some with natural light and some with studio lights. We also used Duncan’s lensbaby to get some interesting shots. As you can see I have a new headshot (in my bio) — finally. We also took lots & lots (& lots) of group shots – so many that I can’t keep track! So hopefully soon our f/action website will get some updated pictures of us. Woot!

Oh, and for all of you photographers that ever need a studio space to rent for a shoot, let me know – my studio, (newly named as the Creative Exchange Studio), offers hour-by-hour or day rentals at affordable rates. It includes 4 studio lights, accessories, furniture, and of course those gorgeous huge windows for beautiful natural light. E-mail me if you’re interested: photo @ egabrielle.com.

Happy shooting everyone!!

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