Well, time flies! April turned out to be a pretty busy/hectic month of shooting, editing and meeting new people. It’s been wonderful! (that and the weather). From headshots at Great West Life, to a poster campaign to promote French in schools, to photographing a children’s musical group throwing brussel sprouts at my camera (I promise those photos will come up soon), things have been pretty colourful this month! And it’s not yet over… meanwhile, I’m still teaching at PrairieView where lesson planning and marking takes up a lot of my time. Today, however, I took a group of students out shooting on location. They picked the Cathedral in St. Boniface as their location and we worked on portrait photography. By now the students are well used to taking pictures of themselves, and we enjoyed the warm weather as I helped them do some practice shooting. The PV diploma program year is drawing to an end, it’s been a great year, and I look forward to seeing their final portfolio! Here are a few of the students posing this afternoon, as well as one of their models who came for the class.

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