I just realized that I haven’t blogged in a really long time – where did the time go?? Well, things have been busy, so I can blame it on excessive shooting and finishing teaching the last of the classes of the PrairieView diploma year. Now it’s time to catch up!

I usually don’t post pictures of my clients’ weddings online before I’ve had a chance to give it to them, so lately I’ve been sitting on some photos, dying to post them, while waiting for the happy couple to return from their honeymoon. Joanna and Dan are an example of that. Their wedding was on May 8th, and while they were out gallivanting the world on their honeymoon, I was finishing their photo editing and impatiently waiting their return to Canada!

They’re now back, and photos are now in their hands – which means: blog time for me!

Joanna and Dan are no strangers to my camera – I’m sure you’ll recognize them from several shoots in the past. (studio shoots, some portfolio work I did, and lately their engagement session and now their wedding – they are regulars!)

Needless to say, they are good friends of mine and I was more than honoured to photograph their beautiful wedding at the Fort Garry Hotel. I never get tired of photographing them! It was so sweet to see them get married (by none other than Sean, another good friend of ours (yes the alphabet soup one), who also married my husband and I) and it took everything in me not to cry at the ceremony. (besides, I had a job to do!)

So here they are, pictures from the wedding. If you want to see the complete album go to my facebook album.

To view Joanna & Dan’s leather photo album from their wedding, click on the photo here:


Dan & Joanna's leather wedding photo album

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