One of the most common questions I get from wedding couples are about great locations for taking wedding photos around Winnipeg. I have my own personal preferences, plus ideas of other popular locations, as well as not so popular. I thought I’d feature a location at a time in a new blog series on photo locations for Winnipeg weddings. First part – featuring probably one of the most popular indoor locations in Winnipeg for weddings photos… mostly because it’s free to book, has a gorgeous architectural interior/exterior and is full of history and mystery. You guessed it: the Legislative Building.

My suggestions to wedding couples who are interested in having the Legislative Building as a location are:

1) book it as soon as you can (call 945-8750)


2) make sure your photographer is adept at interior portable flash lighting. The building can be quite dark in some locations, and to get great images, a good light or two is essential to getting those wow pictures.

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