I had been looking forward to this wedding for some time, knowing that it would be set outdoors at the beautiful riverside grounds of the Gates with a couple whose style and passion I admired. They really wanted the true, natural essence of their day to come through with candid, sincere photos, and I too wanted nothing more than that. From the first time we met, I knew I absolutely wanted to work with them, and I’m sure glad they felt the same way too!

It was a gorgeous day (pretty hot though, although I’ll take the heat over a rained out day!), and I had my talented second photographer working with me, as usual. Thanks to Duncan McNairnay for doing a great job at capturing those great in-between moments and fly-on-the-wall shots. I’ve included a few of his shots below, as well as some of the highlights from my time with Tannis and Paul. Enjoy!

1602TP5922 1608TP5962 1610TP5996 1611TP6000 1609TP59741612TP6015 1621TP6130 1627TP62051626TP6177 1627TP6203 1557TP5907

1629TP6222 1632TP6257 1653TP6348 1657TP6387 1704TP6478 1706TP6491-Edit 1747TP7665dm 1822TP6737 1835TP6813-Edit 1920TP6991 1730TP7634dm