Oh yes – Colleen and Justin – what a fun day! A 12-person wedding party usually means that it’ll be a lively and fun day — and this was true with these guys. Always laughing and joking around, this couple had one fun bunch of friends & siblings! The picture taking went by fast as there was always something crazy or outrageous going on (never a dull moment, especially with the guys!), and then the few moments I did have alone with the couple were just as moving and beautiful (if not more!) as their engagement session was a few months earlier. Even the speeches and dancing were fun! Terrace 55 did a wonderful job and I was happy to be back there again to shoot another wedding so soon. I had so many pictures I wanted to blog… but I managed to pare it down to these ones. Congratulations Colleen & Justin – Duncan and I certainly had fun shooting your wedding! What a beautiful and memorable day. All the best in your new life together. 🙂

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