I’ve been anticipating Chantal and Andrew’s wedding for over a year and a half now. When you get a booking almost 2 years in advance, it seems like the wedding day is so far away, especially as so many other weddings are booked and photographed in between. I knew this wedding would be well-worth the wait: a 12-person wedding party with tons of energy and laughter, a beautiful day and a romantic couple!

Since shooting their engagement session last summer, I noticed a spark between these two that I absolutely fell in love with. The chemistry and closeness they have came through in the engagement session, and I couldn’t wait to witness their wedding day. August 2010 finally came, and with 12 hours of photo coverage on their wedding day, we were able to capture great moments in the morning as the girls and guys were getting ready, as well as 6 locations with the wedding party (including a stop at my studio for a quick lunch and some indoor photos), finished off by a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Pine Ridge Golf Club and a hoppin’ dinner & dance reception. What a great way to celebrate love, friendship, family and a new chapter to their story! Congratulations Chantal and Andrew!!


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Transportation by Bada Bing Bus, indoor wedding photography location at Creative Exchange Studio, outdoor ceremony and reception at Pine Ridge Golf Club.