What does it take to get a great headshot? Well, not as much as you’d think. At least not on your part. If you’re not a model or if you feel awkward in front of a camera, worry not! It doesn’t take lots of experience or a top-model face to get a great headshot. In the following photos, although certainly still very gorgeous girls, my subjects have no modeling experience, and Jocelyne (the dark-haired girl) has never even had professional photos taken before! The beauty of portraiture is that with the right vision, your true nature will come out and that guarantees a stellar portrait. I started getting into portraiture almost 5 years ago, and since my first digital portrait shoot, I never looked back. The portrait bug had gotten me. I love making people feel relaxed and having fun during a shoot. Of course, it can feel awkward being the subject of so many photos (trust me, I’ve been in front of cameras before, and I’m not comfortable being photographed!)… but there is no awkwardness too difficult that can’t be overcome. Especially when the photographer is relentless in capturing that one awesome shot!

So if you’re needing a new bio picture, a headshot for your resume, website or portfolio, take the plunge! I love meeting new people, finding out about their passions and interests, and discovering their true nature. There’s nothing better than a simple headshot that introduces you to the world with honesty, simplicity and impact.

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