Labour day weekend wedding! Teri & Mark put together a fabulous day, full of surprise goodies (if I might say so myself!), including: cute kids, a photogenic wedding party, a reception room decorated in hot pink and creative lighting (great job bridal party!), as well as an incredible 5-course meal (including a palette cleanser!!) at the Greenwood Inn, and all the while surrounded by amazing family and friends. A special shout out to Dave, Teri’s dad, who first contacted me about his daughter’s wedding – this guy loves his daughter and expresses it in everything he does. His enthusiasm and dedication to her day were unmistakable! This was a fun wedding, and the pictures turned out beautifully. What a gorgeous couple – thanks Teri & Mark for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your special day! Duncan and I were happy to be there for you!

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Dave & his daughter!

And I thought I’d include a few of Duncan’s shots (my second photographer), as I think he did a stellar job and some of these shots are worth blogging!

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