What’s cute, square in shape, fits in your purse and comes in 7 delicious colours and 2 different textures? My newest photo albums! These oh-so-adorable books come with 20 pages adorned with your beautiful wedding or portrait photos (of course, printed at the highest quality to show off all your gorgeous moments!). They also come with protective fabric slip covers and are nice and sturdy to withstand all the finger flipping they’ll go through as you show it to friends and family on the go. Oooh! Yes. Order yours today!

Dimensions: 4×4 in

Textures: Leather and Linen

Colours: Scroll down to see a photo of the swatch samples…

100819GT3716 100819GT3722 100819GT3736 100819GT3744 100819GT3747 100819GT3753 100819GT3764 100819GT3772 100819GT3793