I’m very excited to finally post photos from Lisa and Lyle’s wedding this past Saturday! Although it was a long day (16 hours of coverage!), it went by surprisingly fast… and every moment was worth it! What can I say: WOW. They looked great, and they had fun throughout their entire day. I love it when couples are laid back, totally taking in every moment and making it count. I saw a connection between these two that feels real – something deep-rooted that totally makes photographing weddings so worthwhile to me.

I met Lisa and Lyle almost 2 years ago, when I had just finished my first real summer as a wedding photographer. They must’ve seen something in me, because my portfolio wasn’t that big back then, and they still booked me! (and I’m so glad they did!) It’s been a great couple of years and now that the wedding has come and cone, I think I’m going to miss our planning meetings at Eva’s Gelato!

So here are their photos from their wedding day: the colours were great, the wedding party was awesome, and the setting was beautiful. After a few photos at the Legislative Building and in the Exchange District, we headed to Bridges Golf Course for the reception and a few romantic evening photos on the course. The reception was full of dancing – and let me tell you, Lisa and Lyle LOVE to dance! I think Lisa spent the most time on the dance floor than anyone else there!

Congratulations Lisa & Lyle!

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Check out her wedding band: I love love love it!