Two years ago my husband and I bought a beautiful 98 year old character home with lots and lots of white walls. Being a photographer, you’d think I’d have tons of photos up on the walls – but no! It actually took being pregnant, and now having a newborn baby to finally start putting framed photos up on our walls. So now I have a few photos up, and of course, half of them are of my cute little Élise. I’m so glad I finally got around to doing this!

110204GT7060 110204GT7079 110204GT7070 110204GT7073 110204GT7077 110204GT7080 110204GT7083

….and thank you to my wonderful little Élise, who now, finally, at 6 weeks of age, falls asleep more easily on her own and lets me do things like update my blog! (this is her hanging out on the floor of my office while I posted these photos on my blog)