She’s here! My brand new little niece. My very first one! She was born just before Easter and was the tiniest cutest little thing in the world. My daughter is pretty excited that she has a little baby girl cousin!! (so much so that she tried to EAT her. I mean, user her as a chew toy. She’s currently teething two large molars and she’ll grab anything she can, even her new cousin!)

Here is Léonie at 24 days old with her beaming parents. We did the photos at my studio on a bright weekday morning. We got tons of photos, and I had such a hard time picking which ones to post online. Léonie has so many different expressions and I wish I could post them all! This will do for now…. check out the sneezing photo as well as the yawning photo of both her and her dad at the same time. So cute!

Introducing: Léonie. We love her to pieces.

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