Yesterday I went over to my cousin’s place for some delicious oatmeal pancakes followed by a lazy Sunday morning maternity shoot. It was overcast and humid outside, everything still damp from Saturday’s dreary rain. I love the colours we get after a good rain – all the saturated greens and dark tree branches. Chantelle is counting down the weeks – very soon she and Chris will meet their little baby. I can’t wait! It’s strange seeing my kid cousin nearing the day she’ll become a mom… it makes me feel so old! But it’s great knowing that we’ll both have kids the same age. I remember when we were just kids ourselves! (was it that long ago??!) Being the older cousin, I remember doing a magic show for her birthday party one year, making earrings with her at the cabin, and drawing sketches of her at my house… Those are now things of the past, and we’re now looking forward to both having kids of our own – and them being the same age. It’s been a journey this far, and watching her belly grow has reminded me of my recent pregnancy and all the awe and wonder that comes with it. A real baby, with a heart and soul and a personality and their own character… all growing inside their mother’s belly. It really is an awesome thing. I was so happy to be the one to take these photos for her – in some way capturing the beginning of her bond with her soon-to-be baby. Enjoy. 🙂 %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt%%image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt%%image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% More photos over on my facebook page: %image_alt%