When I first met with Lisa and Neil last November and they told me all about their wedding plans and ideas, I got super excited! They had plans to get married on the beach at Victoria Beach where their family has a cabin, do some photos in the area and have a super fun stand-up reception at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. Need I say more? I was thrilled when they said YES to me photographing their wedding, and the rest has been a countdown to their day. And you could say their day was pretty much perfect! (except for a slight location change) Victoria Beach wasn’t suitable for the ceremony due to flood damage, so instead they got married on the beach “next door”, which is at the end of Albert Beach. I spent all my childhood summers at Albert Beach, so shooting a ceremony there meant a lot to me. I do believe it is the best beach in the world – great sand, gorgeous scenery and beautiful Lake Winnipeg. I was thrilled to be “at work” on the beach!

The sun was hot, the sky was beautiful, and of course the couple was stunning! Lisa really outdid herself – an alternative wedding dress, a gorgeous feather hairpiece and summer shoes. Neil looked great too, and the wedding party wore coordinating colours without being too matchy-matchy. Along with the flowers, this was a great looking bunch! (in case you’re interested, the hairpiece was created by the very talented HairWare by Betsy. If you’re wanting one, give her a shout! hairware1.bands@gmail.com)

After the ceremony, we did wedding party photos at Sandy Hills (a large sand cliff nearby), at their cabin and in a beautiful forest along the highway. We were on a tight schedule, but I wish we could’ve stayed there forever! The scenery was beautiful and it brought me back to my childhood, spending long summer days exploring majestic tranquil forests and bumming around on the beach under a hot sun.

We then headed back to the city for the next best part: their stand up reception at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. There, again, we were treated to beautiful decor including tons of hand-made origami cranes and a photo clothesline. They also had casino tables, a deconstructed candy bar and of course delicious food & an amazing cake buffet. The work they put into the wedding definitely showed, and I was really happy to be a part of it all. Now, enough blabbing, here are some of their photos! Congratulations Lisa & Neil!!

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This is my second wedding in a row where there is a dog ring bearer at the ceremony! I love it!

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