The other day I had the pleasure of meeting Elvira’s grandkids – and it’s pretty obvious why she’s so proud of them! What. a. cute. bunch. I love these kids!! Little 7-month-old baby Neev had such a fun character! Great expressions, so genuinely enthusiastic and cute way beyond words! I wanted to take her home! And then there was Ivan (almost 4 years old) – the best kid to photograph EVER. He was very personable, easy to connect with and amazingly talented at posing naturally for the camera! I hardly had to direct him – he was a pro!! Not only did he have a great disposition, but he was also super photogenic (as I’m sure you can tell)! Finally we had 10-month-old Maxwell, who wasn’t having a great day (probably tired or needing a nap), but despite it all, he also did amazingly well. And when he finally cracked a smile, it was definitely worth all the wait! What a cutie! We spent about an hour in the studio and got tons of photos which I’ve been super excited about blogging. And now the wait’s over, check them out – the best bunch of kids ever! Thanks Elvira for sharing them for just a short while, I loved this little trio!


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