2011 has marked the year of the hottest and driest summer weather since I started shooting weddings – but there was one day where we got a bit of rain, and that happened to be on Katie and Graham’s wedding day. But I think they hardly noticed the rain – these two were having so much fun that nothing could stop them!

I first met Katie and Graham last year and when I heard that their colour scheme was going to feature pink I was getting excited to see the many ways Katie was going to incorporate hot pink into her day. (yes, even pink ties for the guys!… much to Graham’s chagrin) I must say she pulled it off, even her shoes were hard to miss! And the guys looked great too! (this coming from a girl whose husband had his groomsmen wear hot pink shirts on our wedding day. OH YES!)

Katie and Graham were so much fun to be around – we laughed a lot that day and there was never a dull moment! It was really special seeing the way that Graham cracked up Katie with all his jokes and silliness. I think he really is a kid at heart, and he definitely knows how to be the life of the party – and more importantly, the light of Katie’s life. Katie was radiant in her beautiful wedding dress – and there was a spark in Graham’s eye every time he looked at her. He truly adores her and she’s so madly in love with him!

We did a lot of our photos at Fort Whyte Centre – a place that holds a lot of meaning and memories for these two. I always love being there, and taking their photos there was definitely a highlight of the day for me.

Katie and Graham – I wish you all the best as you continue on your journey of life together – you are definitely meant to be!

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Katie and Graham also asked me to take a photo of each of the guests at the reception, so I set up some lights at the end of the receiving line, and snapped a photo of each guest as they came by. Here are some of the great highlights:

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