Congratulations to Adrienne and Steve on their beautiful (but windy!) Friday wedding out at Southwood Golf and Country Club in St. Norbert. When I first met Adrienne and Steve, I was really excited that they chose me to photograph their wedding – the details, the ideas and artistic touch they were putting into the planning of their wedding all sounded fabulous. I couldn’t wait to see it all in real life! The day finally came on August 26 and although it was beautifully sunny and somewhat mild (compared to the excruciating heat we’ve had this whole summer!), it was a tad windy. Actually, that’s probably an understatement. By the time we got to St. Norbert for the ceremony, the wind had really picked up – so much that it was blowing over the chairs that were set up for the outdoor ceremony! Unfortunately, it had to be moved indoors, but it went off without a hitch.

Adrienne and Steve are a super easy-going couple, full of life and laughter, genuine smiles and earnest love. You can tell they’re not only lovers, but best friends and life partners. They were an absolute pleasure to photograph – not to mention their adorably cute 2 and a half year old son. I took waaaay more photos of him than I thought I would! He was just too cute to resist! Oh, and scroll down to take a closer look at the bridesmaids’ handmade custom necklaces – created by the bride herself! LOVE IT! I told her she should start selling them. They are fantastic! Congrats you two. 🙂 All the best.

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And here are the beautiful necklaces, made by Adrienne. Gorgeous!

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