Kyla and Darrin got married on Saturday August 27 and what a beautiful celebration it was! The day went off without a hitch, I think in part due to Kyla’s amazing organizational and scheduling skills! We packed a lot in this day, and although it was a little tight, we sure did get lots of photos. Here’s a snapshot of their 6-hour photography coverage:

12:15pm – getting ready at Inn at the Forks

12:55pm – first look

1:30pm – ceremony at All Saints’ Anglican Church

2:30pm – family photos at Legislative Building

2:50pm – wedding party photos at Legislative Building

3:55pm – photos at the Millennium Centre

4:30pm – photos in the Exchange District

5:00pm – photos at Kildonan Park

5:50pm – back at Inn at the Forks for photos of the receiving line and reception details

Whew! I’m glad we attempted to pull off this schedule – Kyla was on time and on task, and we were able to quickly gather everyone and get all the shots we needed (plus TONS more). It was a sheer delight photographing these two. Kyla was stunning and Darrin was quite dashing, and both of them were so natural in front of the camera. It was hard to STOP shooting! We got tons of veil shots (that’s her mom’s veil from her own wedding!) and of course super romantic photos of the two newlyweds together. I was in photo-paradise the whole 6 hours! Kyla, Darrin, congratulations. You are a tremendous example of what great heights love can take you, and how strong it can move you. I caught a glimpse of something real and permanent, and I would wish it on anyone who’s in love!

%image_alt% Darrin wrote a beautifully written love letter for her to read while getting ready at the hotel. I didn’t want to invade her special moment so I snapped this photo from behind the door. What a romantic guy!   %image_alt%%image_alt% %image_alt%%image_alt% Another great moment was when Kyla’s father came to see her before the ceremony. The look he had on his face needed no words – you can tell he really cherishes his daughter. %image_alt% %image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt% I have to say that this was one of the best wedding ceremonies I had ever had the privilege of witnessing. So profound, so moving, so meaningful. Loved it. %image_alt% %image_alt%%image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt%  %image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt% Kyla had such a genuine laugh. This is one of my favourite candid photos of her and Darrin together. %image_alt%    %image_alt%%image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%  %image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%  %image_alt%  %image_alt% %image_alt%%image_alt% %image_alt%%image_alt%