Meet Julie & Mike: new to Winnipeg and soon to celebrate 30 years of marriage. I sure am glad we crossed paths! And it’s a funny story at that, too. While I was out shooting this engagement session a few weeks ago, a woman walking by with her dog ran up to me and asked me for a business card. From what I remember, she said something about needing photos of her and her husband in their new home-city, Winnipeg. I was happy to give her a business card, but didn’t think much of it. Lo and behold, just a few hours later that evening, I get an e-mail from this lady (introducing herself as the lady from the park!) wanting to book a portrait session. Before I knew it, I met up with Julie and Mike in Osborne Village and we did a lovely portrait couple session. I love these spontaneous ways of meeting new people!

Julie and Mike come from far away (let’s just say that the thought of -35C winter weather frightens them and they have an adorable southern accent!). They now call Winnipeg home and they wanted to capture a bit of their life, here in the city, to send back to their friends and family down south. I love these types of sessions! I work with a lot of newly weds and young couples, so having the chance to see a couple with 30 years of marriage under their belt is an absolute delight. My time with them was brief, but I caught a glimpse of true friendship, respect and admiration — and above all else, true love. They are so comfortable with each other and were such sweethearts! Love love love it. They reminded me a bit of my own parents, and couples like that totally inspire me. I’m not naive and I know that 30 years together is a long journey full of ups and downs, work and commitment (and that might be an understatement!), but they are a reminder that it is also one of great fun, rich enduring love and immense joy. I’m always more than happy to create photos to reflect just that.

THANK YOU Julie and Mike for a beautiful glimpse into 30 wonderful years of marriage, and congratulations on your anniversary! Oh, and welcome to wonderful Winnipeg! 🙂

(the ironic thing is that they wanted a typical Canadian fall photo session to send pictures back to their friends and family, yet the day we shot this session was a record-breaking hot day in October – it was about +31 C that day. How funny! — or should I say, how typical Winnipeg…?)



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