My idea of a fun Friday evening? Dropping off my baby daughter at my parents’ so that I can go and have fun with some new photography gear! I rounded up a few friends and my husband to be my models and we headed to the banks of the Red River and to the famous Esplanade Riel foot bridge here in Winnipeg. I timed the shoot so it would be during sundown and I pulled out my new lights to get a great mix of natural light and artificial light. The results? Awesome! I was so focused on my lighting and composition that I did a pretty bad job at guiding my models (so I’m sorry for the lack of diversity in some of the facial expressions!) but again, this was more for fun than anything, and it’s a good beginning. Thank you to Joanna for volunteering (she’s famous for the broccoli photo I took of her, as well as shooting her wedding) and thank you to Duncan (if you’re a former bride or groom of mine, you will know him best for being my very-talented second photographer). And of course thank you to my always helpful husband Chad for being my model countless other times too.

And on to the photos now… How fun is this??? We only had an hour to shoot (you wouldn’t believe how FAST the sun goes down in the very last minutes of sunset!). Before I knew it, we had taken most of the shots I had planned on getting, and the sun quickly faded below the Winnipeg skyline. So here they are – photos with flash lighting mixed with sunset light.

(PS: oh, and I had some fun with an “antlers” photo… you’ll see it:)

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