A few weeks ago I was out in southern Manitoba for a couple photo sessions, one of them being this lovely family. Kara contacted me earlier that month and asked about family photos – she mentioned having an awesome farmyard location near Altona, as well as a super cute 6-month-old baby, and I just couldn’t wait for the photo shoot after that!

I met up with Kara and her family at a gorgeous property owned by a pottery artist – I have to say, it was a photographer’s paradise! So many wonderful locations and of course, with a beautiful family like theirs, the photo opportunities were endless. Unfortunately, we were all on a Thanksgiving weekend schedule, and it had to eventually come to an end – but not before getting a ton of great images. What a warm, friendly family – it was such a delight to have crossed paths and I’m looking forward to more photo sessions with them in the future! Thank you guys for this great family photo session, I had a lot of fun!

(oh, and speaking of artists – you must check out Kara’s dad’s website. He’s a painter and his work totally blew me away. Love it! www.stevepennerartist.com)

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