Meet my friend Rachel: a super sweet person with a warm heart and a great spirit of determination and ambition. Last winter, the man of her dreams proposed to her at Christmastime – I couldn’t be more thrilled for her! Daniel is amazing person, and as I’ve grown to know him more over the last year, the more I’m realizing how perfect of a match they are together. They make an incredibly strong team all while being so adorable together! So when Rachel first told us she was engaged, not only was I super excited for her, but I also secretly hoped she’d ask me to do her wedding photos… and when she did ask me just a few days later, I said yes without hesitation! It always brings me great joy to photograph a friend’s wedding – there’s a level of closeness that is added on top of all the wonderful wedding amazingness that happens… and you just can’t beat that.

We had a beautiful engagement session in late Spring – and if this is any telling of what their love & chemistry will be like at their wedding, then I am all the more excited to shoot it! Only a few short weeks away… so make sure to stay tuned for their wedding photos. 🙂 Congratulations you two!