It’s kind of nice when I can say that it sort of feels like I go waaaay back with Ashley and Chris… although we only met about a year before their wedding, we’ve had countless get togethers, meetings and photo shoots since then, and by now it feels like we’re old pals! And that’s a pretty easy thing to come by with them… they’re super friendly, a ton of fun and an amazing couple. You can’t really ask for much more! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them and when your clients are this much fun, it hardly feels like work.

Ashley and Chris were married earlier this summer at the Gates on Roblin and had the most perfect July weather for their big day. The outdoor ceremony was beautiful, the wedding party was super fun, the photo locations were awesome and the reception was a riot! There were lots of tears (of joy, of course!), a ton of laughter and seeing all their close friends and family gather together to celebrate their love made you truly believe that this was something worth more than words can describe.

I’m grateful to have been a part of it (and grateful that Chris was well enough to go on with the big day despite his recent neck injury!!), and I hope that these photos will serve as a reminder of the strength and beauty that their love creates. Congratulations you two, I look forward to future photo shoots together!

PS: You may have noticed that I am way behind in blogging… it’s been a crazy busy summer! I’m doing my best to blog everything before the snow arrives, but you can always visit my Facebook page for all the latest updates! Most of the day-after sneak peeks can be seen there and I update it way sooner than I do on my blog. Check it out here!

*** and to see more of Ashley and Chris’ photo booth, check out the photos here or check out their photo booth coffee table book here!***