What’s better than photos of the grandkids? Photos with the grandparents too! The grandchild-grandparent relationship is a super special one-of-a-kind bond. When everyone is together, smiles are big and the fun is endless! I love seeing it!

When Kelly contacted me about doing another photo session with the grandkids of the family (this time on her side of the family), I was thrilled to be getting the chance to photograph her boys again. I first met her two little guys over a year ago, and although they have grown a lot in that one year, they are just as much fun and just as photogenic as ever! Now we were adding some girl cousins to the mix, and the fun doubled! (as did the cute factor!)

We were lucky to have picked one of the last beautiful weekend mornings of the Fall. The air was cool and crisp, but the sun was goldeny warm, and there was ample room for the kids to run around and have fun in their grandparents’ backyard. I had so much fun with these guys and our time together flew by so fast! Here are photos of our morning together… enjoy.