Some of the best shoots are with people who’ve been long-time clients of mine, those whose biggest love milestones have made their way before my camera lens over many years. Courtney and Cole are one of those treasured people whose debut shoot was a winter engagement session at the Forks several years ago. The wedding came next, then a newborn photo session and now a 1 year old birthday cake smash photo session! And the star, of course, is now Gemma – their first-born daughter, cute as a button and the biggest sweetheart ever. The month was November, and a huge snow storm prevented our first scheduled shoot to happen… but we gave it a week, the sun came out and I finally was able to venture out to their house south of the city to see Gemma.

Amazing how much changes in a year! Gemma has grown from being a super cute baby to a delightful little girl – big blue eyes and a smile that just melts your heart. I set up a backdrop in their dining room and let Gemma have at it… and she sure did! With cute little chairs, her favourite books and finally a delicious over-sized cupcake all to herself. I took lots of photos and enjoyed every minute of it! Here are some highlights…

Happy birthday Gemma! 🙂