This wedding was full of delights and that’s mainly due to the crazy big love that Alicia and Ben share together. Seriously, these two are unseparable! They always take every chance they get to steal glances at each other, embrace or simply join foreheads for an intimate moment of connection. They aren’t afraid of showing affection and as a photographer, I had nothing but great opportunities all day long to take photos of all their beautiful moments! Not only that, but these guys had a wedding party filled with fun people who were always game for any type of photo anywhere we went. The day flew by and it was such a pleasure being there to document it all!

We started with getting ready photos at the Inn at the Forks, followed by a lovely ceremony at the always-beautiful Terrace 55 at Assiniboine Park. We did family portraits and wedding party photos there, as well as at the Forks and finished the day off with more photos of their reception back at the Inn at the Forks hotel.

It’s always my pleasure photographing these two. The last time we did photos was at the same place (the Forks) but in a much colder climate… so coming back to the same spot this past summer and celebrating with them was even more awesome. Congratulations you two, you definitely make love look bigger than life!