Before it was even talked about, I had already decided that I’d photograph my brother’s wedding so when he asked me for my availability, I was so excited that I did have their wedding date open! (it’s tough being a wedding photographer when family gets married… you really HOPE you’re not already booked!)

Not only was it an honour to be present at their wedding in Ontario, but it was extra, extra special that I was able to photograph it for them. I knew I was going to be over 7 months pregnant by the time their wedding came, but that certainly didn’t stop me. Being the photographer is the best role anyone can have at a wedding, especially when it’s your kid brother getting married. You get the best view at the ceremony and reception, plus you get to see all the beautiful and intimate moments throughout the day that make weddings so personal and special. Those in-between moments are one-of-a-kind, and it’s such a treat to be there to witness it all.

They were married in my sister-in-law’s home-town in rural Ontario and she was intentional in using her parents’ home for the getting ready photos and their large yard for the wedding portraits. Since moving to Winnipeg, she’s left part of her heart out there and it was super important to capture the location and setting for their collection of photos. They ended up getting a beautifully warm, late September day with a bright sun and bright colours on the trees. The two of them just OOZE love like you’ve never seen it before, and it was so amazing being able to capture it all for them! Patrick and Erin have definitely found their match in love and it’s absolutely beautiful to see these two revel in all of it.

Congratulations you guys — the day, the whole weekend, everything… it was so special and memorable! I’m over the moon happy for you both!!

PS: I do appear in a few of these photos… thanks to Erin’s amazing friend Bethany! Thank you!