I first met Ninh and Tom over a year ago when we got together on two separate occasions to photograph their engagement session as well as their engagement party with their large, super-fun family. I had an amazing time with them at both sessions and when their wedding plans started forming, I was all the more excited to be a part of their big day.

There were, however, a few hitches. Their wedding date ended up being confirmed for the end of September, and I had loose plans on stopping work in mid-September because I was nearing giving birth. Added to that was that their wedding day required over 14 hours of photo coverage… something I wasn’t quite sure would be possible at 8 months pregnant! But the three of us really wanted to work together, so we came up with a plan to make it work: I covered the most important parts of the photography within 7 hours and hired a third photographer to cover the rest. This day absolutely wouldn’t have been possible without my hard-working and dedicated second photographer Duncan (who worked for over 14 hours!), and the extra help of my third photographer, the lovely Rebecca (who also helped me at this other wedding). Thank you Duncan and Rebecca!!

Ninh and Tom are a couple with incredible class, elegance and charisma. They are a beautiful and strong fit together and I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of every step of the way. They not only have a tremendously supportive and loving family, but also a large group of friends who kicked it up a notch with all the celebrating at the reception. It truly was an amazing experience witnessing their union of love. Congratulations you two!!