Today’s blog post features a special little baby bump – it was my sister’s bump and inside was my second niece, that I was just a few weeks away from finally meeting! Usually I do maternity photography sessions closer to the end of the pregnancy (around 35 weeks), but this one was scheduled a little early (29 weeks) because we wanted to take advantage of the outdoor foliage before everything turned to winter. We kept the session simple and low-key, captured those quiet moments as well as those cute moments as a family with the eager big sister who had no idea how family life was about to change. 🙂 Here are a few of the photos from our session and soon I’ll be blogging the newborn photos of my beautiful little niece. Congratulations Christine – so happy to have a second niece to love and to cuddle!

and PS: thank you for braving the unbelievably cold October wind! What a dreadfully cold day this was!