Big events with great cause for celebration have been throughout Alicia & Mike’s year and it’s been an absolute pleasure being a part of it as their photographer! The first one being the birth of their darling little baby girl Rose. I first met these two when Rose was just a baby bump in her mom’s tummy, and after plans for wedding photography was set in place, we started with some family photos as part of their engagement session. It was a humid, overcast summer day with lots of mosquitoes, but the locations we picked were beautiful and the three of them were absolutely adorable together! Despite some mosquito swatting, we got some great photos and it was an absolute pleasure capturing their love as a new family unit. This little girl brings exceeding joy to everyone around her and her parents couldn’t be more in love. Together they are a such a delight, and it’s also been a pleasure taking their wedding photos just a few weeks ago (those photos coming soon!). Congratulations Alicia & Mike!