The Klassen family graces my blog once again and it makes my heart so full looking back at these photos now finding ourselves in the dead of a cold, long Winnipeg winter. Back in the summer Jodi coordinated outfits, a location and a time of day perfect to capture her beautiful little family and, of course, I was thrilled to be their photographer once again. She and I have become good friends over the years and it’s been such a blessing being able to do photos for her and having her do photos for my little family too. She’s an absolute sweetheart and you can bet that her husband and kids reflect that same love and warmth that she exudes. They are so easy and playful to photograph, perfectly laid back and adventurous all at the same time. We had a great time running around in the golden evening summer sun at Birds Hill Park. It was a delightful setting and a pure joy to capture their togetherness!