Alicia and Mike had a big year – they welcomed an adorable little baby girl, we combined their engagement session with some family photos and a few months later, they got married! In the few short months that I’ve known them it’s been such a great pleasure being around them and following them on this beautiful journey they are embarking on together. They are grounded, they are connected, and they are completely basking in their love for one another. Their little baby Rose is super lucky to have parents like them and it’s been such a treat taking all these photos for them.

Their wedding day started with rain. Not ideal, but certainly nothing to complain about. With the help of a few umbrellas, we still did their first look photos outside as originally planned – and it was absolutely darling! The best part was Alicia catching Mike sneaking a peek before he was supposed to (you’ll see it in the first photo!) – so much fun with these two. And like most rainy wedding days in Winnipeg, it usually clears up at some point during the day. It did for them, so although we had some great indoor locations, we still managed to get quite a few shots outside. We started at the Hydro Building, then continued on at CMU and then finished with photos at Breezy Bend Golf Course where their outdoor ceremony and reception were held. It was such a lovely day and it couldn’t have been with a sweeter couple. Congratulations Alicia & Mike, it was a real pleasure!