The day Amanda and Cameron got married, Winnipeg was in the middle of a hot and humid heat wave with heavy clouds and looming thunder storms. Yet despite the intense weather, we managed to catch the perfect time of day to take all our outdoor photos – and the moment dinner was served indoors, the downpour began! It was an absolutely lovely day and spending time with them was a breeze. They’re easy-going, fun and always so positive. They’re not only super in tune with each other, but also very well surrounded by family and friends, and the love was overflowing! The connection they share has been built strong over the years and it was an honour to be there to photograph their wedding. Congratulations Amanda & Cameron – you’re a perfect match for each other!1158AC2898 1202AC1554 1222AC2935 1232AC1704 1240AC1725 1244AC2951 1244AC2954 1251AC2977 1257AC1779 1257AC2999 1308AC1871 1312AC1916 1313AC1935 1334AC2023 1340AC2061 1342AC2079 1354AC2187 1429AC2305 1433AC2341 1440AC2396 1442AC2423 1443AC2435 1445AC2447 1447AC2472 1448AC3377 1451AC2517 1453AC2567 1453AC2572 1454AC2578 1456AC2608 1457AC2622 1457AC2638 1457AC3413 1500AC2660 1502AC2688 1505AC3462 1507AC2743 1507AC2751 1508AC2757 1510AC2780 1511AC2825 1514AC2851 1514AC2857 1517AC2911 1557AC3054 1605AC3096 1608AC3117 1610AC3128 1630AC3590 1635AC3243 1718AC3284 1719AC3288 1723AC3342 1723AC3346 1724AC3360 1724AC3364 1725AC3387 1729AC3413 1730AC3425 1731AC3457 1731AC3461 1733AC3471 1736AC3499 1737AC3519 1738AC3526 1743AC3587 1745AC3624 1749AC3666 1749AC3684 1751AC3737 1754AC3757 1755AC3728 1811AC3767 1812AC3770 1813AC3783 1822AC3827 1823AC3835 1826AC3855 1827AC3742 1828AC3747 1831AC3892 1833AC3905 1837AC3965 1840AC4008 1841AC4015 1843AC4051 1846AC4075 1846AC4078 1854AC4124 1856AC4145