Josée and Andrew, along with the help of a lot of friends and family, put together a beautiful wedding celebration to mark the beginning of their married life. It was an honour being their photographer, not only because Josée is a dear friend of mine, but because of the love I’ve seen grow between the two of them over the years. They are truly a perfect fit for each other and it’s been so much fun watching them on this journey towards becoming husband and wife.

The day started off with some weather stress – will it rain? will we be able to use our outdoor locations? The weather in Winnipeg this summer has been quite a crazy ride, but for the most part, I’ve seen clouds part and rain vanish just in time for wedding photos outside. And just that happened for them! The heavy downpour in the morning scared us all, but in due time, the thunderstorms lifted and we were able to use all the outdoor locations they had chosen for their wedding day. These locations held meaning and special memories to them both and it was such a treat taking their photos there.

Josée & Andrew, thank you for the beautiful day and for letting me capture these memories for you – it truly was an honour! Félicitations!