I first met Ahlea and Jason earlier this year to chat about their wedding, and I instantly found a connection with them. Such a warm, down-to-earth and lovely couple, I was absolutely thrilled to be their wedding photographer! In the weeks leading to their wedding, the weather got a little cooler and the leaves started changing colours, but their day at PineRidge Hollow was absolutely beautiful. Although it rained exactly during the time they had planned for their outdoor ceremony, it didn’t put a damper on the day. They quickly shifted things indoors, and we still had plenty of time before and after for wedding portraits outside at PineRidge Hollow and also inside Birds Hill Park. I’m such a big fan of this venue – I’ve been there for weddings in the Spring, Summer and Fall, and it never disappoints!

Ahlea and Jason radiate love, and it was such a delight being there to capture the big moments as well as the candid moments that added personality to their day. It was especially fun having their two dogs join us for some portraits! Surrounded by their closest family and friends, these two clearly enjoyed every moment of their day and I couldn’t have been more happy to celebrate with them. Congrats you two!

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