Jessica and Mike got married on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in July and every location they chose added so much to the beauty and meaning of their day. It was a true honour to create these images for them all the while documenting the story of their day unfolding before us. The joy and connection they share is so sweet to watch and seeing them so happy was definitely the highlight of the day, not only for me but I’m sure for all their guests too! They kept their day simple, elegant and truly meaningful. Starting with getting ready photos at the historic Fort Garry Hotel, followed by a lovely ceremony at the gorgeous Westminster Church, then on to the Exchange District and City Hall for some wedding portraits, and ending off the wedding celebrations with a super fun reception at St. Charles Country Club. From start to finish, this wedding day was a perfect reflection of these two! Here are some highlights… but make sure you scroll down to the end to see an adorable photo of Jessica dancing with her grandfather!

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