In June of last year, I had the immense pleasure of being present at Jen & Devin’s wedding to photograph the day.

I had met them a year earlier and had had such a great time taking their engagement photos at the lake that I could not wait to be their wedding photographer. The day was truly memorable and heart-warming, and also full of personality and fun! It’s hard to sum up in words, but Jen and Devin put together a few of their thoughts from their day to share:

“Our experience with Gabrielle and Duncan was so relaxing and comfortable. They were always moving and willing to get different and candid shots. Their personalities kept everyone at ease and made being in front of the camera a blast! They helped keep things moving in a very hectic day. Their amazing work resulted in the most cherished photos in our home. They are absolutely stunning!”

Here’s a look at their day in photos, including more of their thoughts and memories from their day:

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“The most memorable part of our day was definitely our ceremony. The rain held off long enough to allow us to focus on each other and experience the moment that was 8 years in the making. It was an incredible moment to have all of our loved ones there in one place. But we just can’t believe it rained 10 minutes after the ceremony had finished!”

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“The best surprise of the day was how much love there was in one place. The love and energy in the air was palpable, and we felt truly blessed to have had so many people there who wholeheartedly support and care about us. It was a very humbling feeling.”
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“It’s impossible to pick just one favourite photo! But I think if we reeeeeally had to choose, we’d choose the one of us walking arm in arm, smiling the widest smiles during our one on one session in birds hill. Our smiles are the most genuine and relaxed. They really captured our love and excitement about the day. ”

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“Our intention in the day was simple: we wanted it to be us. We wanted it to be relaxed, fun, and rustic. We tried to make our guests feel at home and have fun being with one another. I think our lawn games, smores bonfire, and poutine late night snack did just that! Pineridge Hollow is such a beautiful venue that holds beauty on its own merit, so it’s grounds fit our rustic feel wonderfully.”

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