Jodi is a good friend of mine who also happens to be a talented photographer who has been taking my family’s photos for years now, as I have been for them. This year we decided to have fun with our photo session swap, and instead of doing it on separate days, we scheduled them both for the same evening. We drove up to Grand Beach together with our husbands and kiddos to take turns photographing each other’s families. It was a hot summer evening, the weather forecast was thankfully wrong (no hail, thundershowers or tornado in sight, as was forecasted earlier that day!) and we had a blast!

Watching Jodi’s kids grow up has been such a treat for me – they are the cutest and always so fun to run around with for photos. The evening ended off with all 5 of our kids running into the lake, swimming in their clothes, and having fun until sun down. Such good memories were created! Here’s a preview of Jodi’s family photos from our lovely evening out at the beach.


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