I can’t tell you how much I loved photographing Kim & Lucas’ wedding! Everything they had planned for their day, including the locations, made for such an unforgettable wedding. Clear Lake is near and dear to these two, and having a cabin there, it only made sense to hold their wedding there. Their outdoor ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and they had the best ceremony exit ever: on a beautiful boat across the lake! Their wedding party was a ton of fun, and also included their dog, and with a champagne toast in the woods, everything that was planned was done with fun in mind. Working with them was a blast and being there definitely was a highlight of my summer. Congratulations you two!!1301KL0080 1307KL0104 1317KL0159 1317KL7022 1318KL7036 1320KL0175 1321KL7052 1339KL7101 1340KL7105 1354KL7126 1402KL7213 1424KL7353 1426KL0356 1428KL7372 1428KL7374 1432KL7430 1432KL7438 1432KL7441 1433KL7457 1436KL0503 1443KL7562 1446KL7614 1447KL7645 1449KL7668 1450KL0668 1450KL7694 1451KL7714 1451KL7717 1456KL7742 1457KL0739 1457KL7773 1457KL7777 1458KL0768 1458KL0775 1458KL0779 1517KL7817 1520KL7868 1522KL7907 1524KL7922 1526KL7942 1526KL7945 1527KL7965 1527KL7977 1528KL7997 1529KL8008 1530KL8020 1530KL8027 1531KL8049 1532KL8062 1536KL8075 1537KL8091 1538KL8124 1539KL8154 1539KL8158 1540KL8166 1540KL8168 1540KL8174 1545KL1035 1545KL8235 1546KL1046 1546KL8253 1546KL8262 1548KL1079 1548KL8289 1552KL8308 1559KL8398 1600KL8410 1601KL8418 1609KL8453 1612KL1200 1612KL8500 1613KL8507 1619KL8534 1620KL1261 1621KL8565 1622KL8609 1641KL8680 1643KL8698 1647KL8720 1648KL8726 1651KL8748 1708KL8869 1711KL8912 1711KL8924 1717KL8980 1719KL8997 1742KL1409 1743KL9009 1744KL9014 1748KL9086 1802KL9093 1814KL9138 1817KL9151 1817KL9153 1824KL9211 1825KL9218 1827KL1549 1827KL9230 1827KL9239 1829KL9261 1833KL9299 1839KL1578 1840KL9343 1841KL1593 1852KL1620 1908KL9434 1921KL9463 1952KL9522 1955KL9530 1956KL1686 1956KL9538 1957KL9545 2006KL9583 2008KL9599 2011KL9614 2011KL9615 2022KL9640 2023KL9650 2028KL9668 2028KL9671 2028KL9672 2034KL9696 2101KL1875 2104KL9751 2108KL9772 2108KL9773 2109KL9795 2110KL9801 2111KL9815 2112KL9827 2115KL1956 2115KL9870 2122KL9881 2123KL9899 2126KL9914 2127KL9920