Last year I drove out to Brandon for Kylie and Cam’s engagement photos, and it ended up being such a fun session to photograph! Their chemistry and zest for life comes through in all their interactions and the true love that they share was clearly evident throughout the entire time. Fast-forward to this year, and their wedding in June encapsulated all of that plus so much more! The love they share was celebrated with such earnestness by all the friends and family that were present at their ceremony and reception. Seeing how nervous Kylie was before the first look and how all her anxiety just melted away as soon as she saw Cam – priceless! Their wedding party was a ton of fun and together the entire day was such a pleasure to witness and to document. Kylie & Cam – you guys are true gems, I’m so happy to have celebrated with you and captured all these memories. Congratulations!

(and check out the wind we had on that day – it was the strongest I had ever experienced at a wedding!)

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