Mara & Stefan received their wedding photo album this past week, and what a beauty it is! Measuring 12″ x 12″, leather bound in a rich cream colour and holding 28 pages with 92 photos, this album was created with care & intention. Mara & Stefan spent a lot of time carefully choosing every single photo that went into this album, and after receiving their list of photos, I presented them with a few different layout options. The layout they approved completes the album in a way that not only showcases their favourite photos but also tells the full story of their day. I’m overjoyed to have finally handed over this album to them, exactly a year after their wedding! Lots of love was poured into this album and now they get to display their memories forever. Love it!

Wedding Photo Album

DS2_9638 DS2_9645 DS2_9647 DS2_9650 DS2_9660 DS2_9664 DS2_9668 DS2_9682 DS2_9686 DS2_9690 DS2_9695 DS2_9697 DS2_9700