When is the best time of day for outdoor engagement photos? What are ideas for engagement sessions that won’t feel too posed, “put together” or awkward? Sometimes my clients don’t know to ask those questions, but I’ll be the first to dive right into those important details that are the foundation for my favourite photo shoots. That golden evening light, with just a few (or zero!) clouds… A casual walk at the park with your pet with not much on the agenda except impromptu conversations and watching the sun set…

With Chloé and Scott we originally had postponed their engagement session because our initial shoot date had a very boring overcast sky. Knowing that these two were totally ok to postpone their session until we had a day with a better sky & sun made me so happy. I also knew that Scott’s idea of a good time does NOT involve being in front of the camera, so making sure to prove his expectations wrong included me leading this session into a casual & stress-free walk in the park (literally) with their dog.


And the results were great! A lot of the photos were taken in mid-walk, in mid-conversation and showcased their natural sides. Yes, being followed by a photographer isn’t the most relaxing thing in the world for some people (and I get that!) but turning this into a casual date and capturing some sweet authentic moments is what makes me love photographing couples so much. It was also my first time meeting Scott and seeing how these two know how to have fun together and are playful, made me all the more excited to photograph their wedding. Here’s a preview from our lovely summer evening at HarbourView park. It was such a fun and beautiful evening!