Turning 1 is a big deal! So going out to the park with the family is a good way to mark this occasion with photos to remember this stage. I’m always so amazed by how different a kid will look like in their early phases of growing up. As a newborn you look SO different from 1 year later at your first birthday, and then beyond that, you look SO different as a 3 or 4 year old. These early stages go by so fast and so much growth and development happens – that’s why I love it when I get to follow my tiny clients along as they transition from tiny newborn human to cuddly & cute roly-poly toddler. Ivan especially has gone from being a super tiny newborn to growing off the charts at 1 and taking his photo every step of his growing life has been such a delight! We took advantage of the cooler mornings on this hot Winnipeg summer year and met up at Bruce Park for their photos. I love all the nature corners our city has to offer and I hadn’t been to this park in a super long time. It was a nice surprise to see how gorgeous the light acts throughout the park and the lovely sceneries we had all to ourselves!