It’s been wonderful reconnecting with Linette after first meeting her several years ago at a friend’s wedding. Now that her wedding is coming up this year, we’ve had the chance to chat about their vision for their day and take engagement photos for them with their super cute little dog. We went to Henteleff Park in south Winnipeg on a beautiful, sunny evening and captured so many great moments of their love and dynamic together. Knowing that she was a bit nervous and shy coming into the photo session, I wanted to make sure that frame of mind wasn’t leading her. Rather, we started with super basic, candid set up shots and soon before she even knew it, they were both totally in their element, completely connected with each other and showing off the true colours of their love. I always tell people that the authenticity of their relationship is what I’m after, and once I have them comfortable and in the zone with each other, all that anxiety and shyness melts away. These two are absolutely lovely, generous human beings with big hearts and tight chemistry. I can’t wait to photograph their fall wedding in Winnipeg this October!