This is the story of Andrée-Anne and Cam, a passionate and spirited Québécoise who married a mild-mannered Winnipegger and whose family unexpectedly blossomed into what it is today: a delightful collection of 5 lively and energetic sisters, whose personalities and characters each differ in their own unique and beautiful ways. My family and I are fortunate to call them friends, and every moment spent with them is like a good dose of bright, happy sunshine. I have deep respect for them as parents, having welcomed identical triplets into their family when they already had a 2 and 3 year old at home, and now three years later, their affection and energy with their kids never ceases to amaze me. They’re super chill yet super involved, knowing well how to have fun and go with the flow. I brought them to one of my favourite summer locations in Winnipeg for family photos, and knowing that it was going to be a lively photo shoot, I went in hoping for a few of the photos I had envisioned, but also knowing full-well that their story would unfold in their own, perfect way before me. And that it did! I never did so much running, jumping, crouching and various other acrobatics to catch all these shots (hoping to not miss a beat!) and after the session was done, I was incredibly exhausted but equally as excited to start editing them. Here’s a preview from amongst the 1200 frames I shot last night in the 80 minutes I had with them!

(PS: those cute outfits the girls are wearing were all lovingly made by their mom. Check out her work on Instagram at: Triplets & Co.)